Keynote Speakers

Plenary Speakers

  • Peter Schwerdtfeger - New Zealand
  • Nico Stollenwerk - Portugal
  • Ali Alavi - UK

Technical Presentation:

Running Quantum Algorithms on a Quantum Processor
(The IBM Quantum Experience)
Francisco J Galvez Ramirez, IBM Software


During more than 20 years IBM has researched how to develop the universal quantum computer. In the last two year great improvements has been made in the field and nowadays IBM has a quantum processor that is able to execute real quantum programs. However a new goal is appears ahead of us: creating quantum algorithms that could be executed on these new processors. Classical algorithms that have been used so far, would not provide the expected quantum behavior if they are run on a quantum processor, New concepts and procedures must be used to develop the new quantum algorithms that will provide a new way to work in computation.

In this session we'll review the IBM quantum processor, the concepts needed for creation of quantum algorithms and how those algorithms can executed in the IBM's quantum processor.