Excursion & Social Events

Each day we will have a SOCIAL EVENT:

July 3th, 2019 (Wednesday)
Excursion to Tarifa and Gibraltar


  • Free for participants (include the lunch)
  • Price for accompanying person: € 24 (include the lunch)
  • Please, you can select the adequate option in your registration


We will have 1:30 hours to visit the center of Tarifa.

Tarifa became an important city back in the 10th century, under the rule of Abd-al-Rahman III, when the caliph castle that we find in the historic quarter was built. The influence of the Arab period can be seen in the present appearance of the city, with narrow, winding streets. It also has other interesting monuments, such as the Gothic-Mudejar chapel of Santiago; the convent of San Francisco, and the churches of Santa María and San Mateo. This is our proposal numbers 1-6 of the following map:


Gibraltar is an interesting town that belongs to the United Kingdom, so there are certain differences with the Spanish towns. This small piece of land is full of history and has great geographical and strategic importance, since centuries it is considered as one of the 2 columns of Hercules that symbolize the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea, the other column would be in North Africa , which can be seen from Gibraltar.
We will go on a trip in the morning (9:30 main door of the hotel) and we will return in the afternoon (21:00) on the same day ( Wednesday July 3th 2019 ). Transportation will be done by bus. Keep in mind that to enter and leave Gibraltar there is an international border, it will control the documentation of all people, do not forget to take your ID or passport (and family book for Spain kids). Please check if you need a visa at the following link: https://www.gibraltar.gov.gi/new/visas-and-immigration


Bring ID or PASSPORT (to cross the border). If you do not have it, you will not be able to enter Gibraltar; You should also check if your country has access to Gibraltar or you need a special permit.

Since antiquity it was marked as the place where was one of the famous Columns of Hercules, with which the Greek hero (also known as Héracles) marked the two parts of the strait that he himself divided.
Being one of the doors of the Mediterranean, several civilizations fought for the strategic control of the rock. The English conquered it in the War of the Spanish Succession, on behalf of the candidate for the Spanish crown of the Habsburg dynasty. After the Treaty of Utrecht that ends the war, Spain cedes the territory of Gibraltar to England, which after several centuries of wars and negotiations continues to preserve.

Currency exchange: € 1 = £ 0.89; 1 pound = € 1.12 (beware of prices and changes).. Typical products to buy (supposedly cheaper than in Spain): chocolate, tobacco, alcohol, perfumes and technology (important, check the import limits of these products from Gibraltar to Spain: http://www.gibraltarinfo.gi/gibraltar- customs-allowance-es.aspx).

DO NOT give food to the monkeys (or open the backpack if there is food or plastic bags inside). Bring zippered bag and tightly closed. We will provide a package with food for the lunch in the departure from the hotel (sandwiches, water). Wear comfortable shoes (shoes or sneakers, flip flops or heels are not recommended).
Options to climb the rock: by cable car (Timetables and fees: http: //www.gibraltarinfo.gi/gibraltar-tickets-es.aspx), walking (included in the price of the trip) or by taxi costs € 25 / person ( only one hour to see everything). The cable car is including for participants.

  • Departure from the main door of the hotel at 9:15

  • Arrival to Tarifa 11:15

  • Visit Tarifa. 1:30 hours

  • Departure from Tarifa at 12:45

  • Arrival to Gibraltar: 13:30

  • Free time for lunch and visit Gibraltar 4 hours (approx.)

  • Departure to Hotel 18:00

  • Arrival to Hotel: 20:00

  • Dinner at Hotel: 21:00

July in Gibraltar experiences peak summer weather and is one of the most popular months for tourists to visit The Rock. Visitors can expect average temperatures of around 24°C throughout the whole of July, with high temperatures hitting a scorching 28°C on some days. You can expect warm weather all round in July, as low temperatures never drop below 20°C, even on a night. Pack light clothing and shorts for a holiday to Gibraltar in July, and don't forget plenty of sun cream. https://www.holiday-weather.com/gibraltar/averages/july/

July 5th, 2019 (Saturday)
Excursion to Morocco


  • 09:00 hrs. Presentation at the Maritime Station, and collection of boarding passes.

  • The departure time of the ferry is at 10.00 from the port of Tarifa, do not forget to stamp your passport / DNI inside the boat during the crossing, arrival in Tangier, meeting with the guide and start the tour, sightseeing tour of the city, Couples, Kasbah, etc ... Lunch in typical restaurant (Harira, Cous-Cous, Pinchito Moruno, Green Tea and Pasta) and shopping time.

  • Return to the port to board the ferry back leaving at 5:00 PM

  • Fast-Ferry Round trip to Tangier
  • Port Fees
  • Guided tour of Tangier with transportation
  • Lunch included without drinks.
  • Mounted by camel, (if we have time).
  • Administration fees

Insurance assistance and cancellation costs, we inform you that we can hire an optional € 16 covering the cancellation and € 5 one that covers the cost of assistance

Essential Passport in force with more than 6 months of expiration Passports must be sealed during the outward journey.

FERRY FAST: Tourist category. Unnumbered seats, free seats. Schedules indicated above in this program. The crossing of the strait with the crusade from Tarifa Tanger with the Intershipping Company's ship. The schedules of the FERRYS are approximate, they will reconfirm 48 hours before departure, the company reserves the right to modify the hours without prior notice. The crossing lasts approximately 35 minutes.

TERRESTRIAL TRANSPORTATION: all transfers in Morocco will be made by minivan or bus on account of the final number of participants. Unnumbered seats

PLEASE ADD TO YOUR REGISTRATION 50 Euros per passage (include the participant and the accompanying person). For example one participant and one accompanying person should add 100 euros to the registration. If the reservation is made less than 35 days before the departure date there may be no seat and the price increases to 60 euros.

At all times, the participant may cancel the excursion, having the right to return the amounts paid, but must compensate the travel agency in the amounts indicated: Management fees € 15 per person

TRAVEL AND STAYS OF MINORS: Minors are accompanied by their parents or a direct family member. In your case, the accompanied are not accompanied. They will need a valid passport. A book of family is admitted too.

It is mandatory to carry out a trip in force and with an expiration date of more than 6 months. The organizing agency does not assume responsibility and does not return an amount for the client does not comply with this requirement.

It is very important that the passport be sealed during the journey and that it is not sealed or left out. Fast ferry, and the rest of the group will waste time waiting for you.

The agency does not assume any responsibility for visa issues.